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Meet our Head Tasting Chef!

Our Head Tasting Chef, George Fisher, has been part of the RHC team for 8 months and leads a small but extremely talented team of chefs who curate all of the menus and concepts for our events. We asked George a number of questions to find out more about the influences behind his career, cooking and top cheffing tips!

Where did you start your career?

My first introduction to working in a kitchen was when I was 15 years old working as a pot wash at my local pub. I was then offered an apprenticeship at a cooking college in Cambridge which was a good stepping stone to the start of my career.

Who inspired your cheffing career?

There’s so many amazing chefs out there but to name a few that I’ve enjoyed watching and learning from: Magnus Nilson, Nathan Myhrvold, Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, Michael Pollen and Fergus Henderson. 

What previous experience has shaped where you are today?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in some of the top 100 restaurants (including several with Michelin stars) throughout the UK, Australia and France. The opportunity to work in different countries and cultures, alongside experts has really benefited my career. Working at The Quay in Australia was a real highlight! 

What’s your favourite thing to cook?

I love cooking asian-style food, like Japanese and particularly Chinese for the dumplings and ramen. I also love making fresh Italian food! 

What do you enjoy most about working at RHC?

It’s great to be part of a diverse company with a team of passionate chefs. Another great part of my job is getting to visit the beautiful and unique venues, playing a part in creating bespoke events for our clients. 

Any top cheffing tips?

Read as many books around food and the business.
Travel and explore as many different cuisines as you can.
Cook at home and don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes!