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Is a traditional wedding cake not for you?

We have put together a selection of alternatives to add a unique flair to your day!

Macaroon Tower

Macaroons make a fabulous alternative to the traditional wedding cake, not just for their convenient size and delicious taste but for their endless range of colours, flavours and shapes. They can be arranged in their original rounded shape adorned with decorative flowers and icing, or for something a little more vibrant, as a rainbow of colours, serving as a pop of colour in the space.


A French inspired chocolate tower that will wow your guests. Profiteroles are the perfect level of light and delicious and can be a fabulous and fun alternative for a wedding cake. You can leave the profiteroles in their plain form, or decorate with flowers, gems and white or coloured chocolate to add your own flair.

Cheese Wheels

Additional to a dessert after your wedding dinner, a cheese wheel cake may be the perfect way to end the evening. You can mix and match all different flavours and textures and with endless garnish options such as grapes, crackers, cured meats and relish.

Fruit Tarts

In keeping with the elegance of your wedding day, a great alternative is a fruit tart. This could be served as one large tart, or a selection of bite-sized tarts. Strawberry tarts in particular are becoming a popular alternative with their colour and shape resembling hearts, fitting for a day celebrating love! If not a Strawberry tart, fruit fitting to the colour scheme of your wedding may be a nice touch.

Doughnut Wall

A doughnut wall is an easy to serve alternative and certainly looks the part. The display allows for a wide selection of flavours, both simple and bold, and can easily be incorporated into the colour scheme of your day. Add you own little touches with flowers, quotes, or a witty doughnut pun!