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  • Pilot's Bar & Kitchen

Heavily influenced by the glitz and glamour of the 1950s and standing apart from all other city airport restaurants with a bold décor and incomparably eclectic international menu, our Pilots Bar and Kitchen restaurants offer accessible, fresh food in contemporary terminal locations.

Located in Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 and at London City Airport, each restaurant is a destination in its own right. They both share a common theme and a seasonal menu, which has been engineered to offer value and convenience to travellers, without sacrificing the premium experience for which rhubarb is universally renowned.

Food & Drink

Our Pilots Bar & Kitchen locations serve classic breakfast dishes, fresh pastries, salads and soups, and offer choices from a bespoke burger menu. These dishes are served with the great haste expected of airport restaurants, but with a notable touch of premium quality that is otherwise largely absent in London airport dining.


Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport

Pilots Bar & Kitchen Heathrow launched in December 2014, and from then, Terminal 5 food would never be the same again. As it's standard for our brand, rhubarb provides premium fare in a setting that is unique amongst restaurants in Heathrow. A subtle, but distinct, 1950s theme truly transports travellers to another world, alongside sleek interiors, an elegantly vintage palette and aeronautical features that slyly reference the location.

London City Airport

Our London City Airport restaurant first opened in 2011. We are partnered with SSP for the venture, however, rhubarb manages London City Pilots Bar & Kitchen’s menu design, supplier chain and operational oversight. We also advise on the practices within the space itself, in order to help the operation match the quality of its sister location in Heathrow.