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Meet our Group Development Chef

Dane Shelton has been part of the RHC team for almost 8 years, starting out as our Head Tasting Chef to then developing countless bespoke menus for clients and the whole of the RHC group. As part of this ‘meet the team’ series, we asked Dane more about the inspiration behind his cooking, the experiences that have shaped his career and a top tip for the kitchen.

Find out more below!

Where did you start your career?

I started out in London working at Pearl restaurant by Jun Tanaka in Holborn. This was a great place to start and introduced me to a unique dining experience with a special focus on cooking fine French cuisine. 

Who inspired your cheffing career?

My initial interest to start a career in cooking was from a young age. Growing up I would cook with my grandma – a cherished memory was making beef stew together! 

What previous experience has shaped where you are today?

Working in Michelin starred kitchens in and around London definitely played a big part in shaping my career. I still use practices from the techniques and things I learnt on my way up to where I am today.

What do you enjoy most about working at RHC?

We’re very lucky in that everyday there is a new challenge and an opportunity to be creative with our menus. We’re always coming up with new ways of doing things and to wow our clients!

What’s your favourite thing to cook?

I love cooking seafood, there’s so many ways to cook and enjoy it! A particular favourite of mine is making hand-prepared Langoustine ravioli – the combination of shellfish and pasta is hard to beat.

Any top cheffing tips?

Very simply, using a high quality smoked salt for finishing your dishes can make all the difference. It’s an easy way to add a delicious depth of flavour.