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In anticipation of a busy year of wonderful weddings, we spoke with event planner Natasha Tavani to find out what trends she's spotting so far.

Intimate Weddings

With more people opting for smaller weddings in recent years, intimate ceremonies consisting of around 50 guests are continuing to be a popular choice. Besides cutting costs and relieving stress, there’s more time for couples to spend quality time with fewer invited guests and create magical moments together.


Colourful Tablescapes

One of the most important details of a wedding is the colour palette. For 2023, we’re seeing less neutral colours and more jewel tones, as well as blush pastel colours like pink, blue, yellow and peach. If your guests are going to be seated for a while, attention to detail in your table decoration is key. Give your guests something to talk about.

There are a few ways you can add a pop of colour and elevate your tablescapes. Include patterned tableware, tinted glassware, colourful centre pieces such as candles and balloons or of course, flowers.

When it comes to flowers, not only can you be adventurous with different heights and colours, but their eco-advantage is a huge plus. Wow your guests with bright and bold statement pieces by choosing one or two colours to contrast a neutral palette – don’t be afraid to mix and match unexpected combinations.

Gold Accents

Another trend we’re spotting for 2023, is adding a dash of gold to the decor. Gold is a great way to add glamour to your big day, which can compliment any shade or create a chic vintage look.

We’re noticing couples opting for gold accents in the cutlery and glassware particularly, adding a little luxe to their wedding look.

Some colours to consider that go well with gold are dark purple, emerald green, rose pink, cream, and dark blue.

Fusion Food

Foodie or not, the one thing that always grabs your guests attention is the food!

Fusion food is a lovely way to bring a twist to the table, combining delicacies and flavours influenced by the different cultures of the bride and grooms origin. Moving into 2023, we’re seeing more of these requests and our chefs love the creative challenge of planning a fusion menu!

Click the link below to discover a menu that combined beautiful Italian and Asian flavours from a recent wedding.