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Spring has finally arrived!

As the weather gets warmer, it is the perfect time to indulge in some delicious alfresco dining, whether you're a foodie, or looking for some inspiration for a Spring event. From colourful fresh salads to refreshing sushi spreads, juicy fruits, and refreshing drinks, spring food stalls offer a wide range of options that are perfect for the season.
Read below for some of our favourite Springtime food stall ideas.

Garden party

Savour the flavours of a spring vegetable food stall that celebrates the vibrant picks of season. 

Salad Sensation

A springtime salad food stall offering a colourful array of fresh and seasonal greens, fruits, and vegetables accompanied by flavourful dressings and garnishes.

Sip into Spring

Let the party be-gin with this all you need gin stall.
Made complete with fresh fruit, mixers and garnishes… the possibilities are endless!

Roll up, Roll up

A selection of sushi…make it fresh off the boat?
Light for the stomach and refreshing to eat, offering a sushi selection is perfect for a spring occasion.

Sweet tooth Heaven

An array of sweet treats for guests to pick and mix themselves – a food stall of dreams!

Spritzed up

Vibrant and inviting! An array of fruity spritzes featuring only the freshest flavours of spring.


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