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Tips for brides posponing their weddings due to COVID-19



We understand what a disappointing time it is for brides-to-be with wedding dates on the horizon so we wanted to share 3 tips from Sarah Hammond, the rhubarb queen on weddings…

Tip #1: Talk to your suppliers

We are here to help at this hugely troubling time and know our suppliers and partners feel the same, so please lean on us, share your worries, concerns and disappointments and we will do everything we can to relieve as much stress as possible. We appreciate how awful it must be to be faced with moving your wedding date and we can reassure you everyone in the industry is here to support you so please call these experts in this difficult time. 

banqueting house main hall
banqueting house main hall

Tip #2: Approach your new date with flexibility

After all the planning that has gone into your day we understand frustrations around having to adapt and change, but to get the most out of your new date we are advising brides to keep as flexible as possible. We think this way you are going to get the most of your wedding day. For example, Saturday and Sunday dates may be booked up at your chosen venue for 2021 so maybe consider alternative days of the week, after all you have been through we think your guests will be more than happy to celebrate whatever day of the week! However, if you are set on a weekend then please speak to us at rhubarb as we have a marquee site up our sleeve to accommodate wedding just outside London, if your venue doesn’t have availability. 

Tip #3: Go all out, let’s (re)create your wedding of dreams

After the restrictions associated with COVID-19 are lifted, all your friends will be desperate to make your celebration even more vibrant and joyful than before, so please do not be disheartened that your day has been postpone and let’s take this time to plan the happiest of celebrations for you and your future husband or wife.

wedding marquee seating
wedding marquee seating


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