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When it comes to making a feast for the eyes and the stomach, our team of chefs, planners and partners know exactly what to do. We’ve rounded up some event highlights to inspire your next feast or foodie table.

For cheese lovers

Graze on artisan cheeses paired with fruity chutneys, crackers and fine wine. What’s not to love?

Catch of the day!

Time for sushi… why not serve fresh off the boat? Light for the stomach and rich in omega-3 oils, offering a sushi selection is perfect for a summer occasion.

A taste of Mediterranean sunshine

Add some colour to the table with vibrant flavours inspired by friends in the Mediterranean. There’s something for everyone, from flatbreads, colourful roasted vegetables, couscous salads and dressings. 

Give them something to taco about

When the drinks are flowing, there’s no better feast than tacos! Add all of the extras to the table for guests to tuck in and dress their tacos to their liking.

Bao wow!

For a Chinese infusion, transport taste buds to Asia with freshly prepared, steamed bao buns filled with glazed mushrooms, pork belly or fish. The filling options are endless!

Served on Crystal Himalayan Salt

Enjoy all the amazing health (and aesthetic) benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt. This works perfectly for meat dishes to add an enhanced depth of flavour.


A winning combination of creamy burrata paired with vibrant tomatoes, plus all of the extras = a food stall of dreams!

Something for the sweet tooth...

Combining nature and sweet treats for guests to forage for themselves. We particularly love the mushroom toadstools!